Who keeps your data cool?

Internet cables

Who keeps you cool?
If the internet fails, everything fails – and that’s when everyone loses their cool.

Data centres are the hub of every on-line transaction and communication, but although the consumer expects the best, this service is not automatic or without meticulous background operational control.
Data centres full of sophisticated equipment need management. The two vital ingredients that cannot be compromised are an uninterrupted power supply, and an effective climate control.
Power supply is obviously imperative. The climate control may be a more subtle but it is equally a problematic concern. Fortunately equipment today can withstand a greater variance in operating temperatures, but conversely they emit greater heat output because of their compactness.
Climate control needs the careful consideration of the equipment heat loads and ambient temperature fluctuations, humidity control, the effective air distribution patterns, the introduction of fresh air for maintenance personnel, and backup systems.
The larger data centres are now opting for quality systems that will last the distance. Long gone is the cheap options that are short lived and then let the customer down in the peak load. The risk analysis requires airconditioning systems that are well designed and reliable to avoid outage and downtime.

This often leads to specific requirements that cannot be provided by off-the-shelf products and this is where Mechanical Consultants have the opportunity to work hand in hand with experienced companies to provide the specific solutions to space limitations, additional humidity control requirements and energy recovery.

clock 05 Feb 2018
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