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Singleton Gym & Swim

Location: Singleton, NSW
Mechanical Consultant: SMS
Contractor: McIntosh Air Conditioning

The NSW Government awarded a $5.7 million grant to Singleton Council for the redevelopment of the Singleton Gym & Swim under the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund.

The project includes:

Extension of the existing gym facilities
Demolition of the existing spa and replacement with a spin studio and a new spa
Construction of a new hydrotherapy/program pool
Removal of the existing creche and construction of a new creche
Extension of the car park

A new substation was installed on to provide an increased power supply to the facility.

Armcor was selected as the preferred supplier for the equipment to service the hydrotherapy pool area and manufactured a purpose built heat recovery unit.

The unit with an air flow capacity of 5000 l/sec included a packaged air-conditioning system to provide 125 kw of heating. The design included three compressors to give staged control, Polypropylene heat exchange media and internal corrosion resistant coating to all the entire unit.

Another successful Armcor Air Solutions swimming pool partnership.