SA Museum Entomology Research Unit

SA Museum Entomology Research Unit

Location: North Terrace, Adelaide
Contractor: Mainair Commercial Pty Ltd

The South Australian Museum is a natural history museum and research institution in Adelaide, South Australia, founded in 1856 and owned by the Government of South Australia. The Museum has five floors and endless wonders to discover. The Entomology and Collembola Collections at the South Australian Museum are comprised of animals in the classes Insecta (insects) and Collembola. The collection contains more than two million individual specimens. It is one of the premier assemblages of Australian insects and springtails in the world, but also contains material from New Zealand, Asian and Pacific nations and Antarctica. Scientists from all over the world visit the Museum’s Entomology and Collembola Collections to conduct research into species diversity, changing distributions of insects and environmental studies.

Armcor’s engineering and manufacturing expertise were required for the specific project requirement from Mainair Commercial Pty Ltd for SA Museum Entomology Research Unit. At the Entomology section of the museum there are approximately 1.2 million pinned insects, nearly 500,000 animals preserved in alcohol and 20,000 are prepared on slides to allow microscopic analysis.

For this section of the museum, Armcor provided two of its AHU900P3 units, with chilled and hot water coils and a standard capacity of 900 l/sec. The AHU series of air handling units are designed to distribute conditioned air to specific building areas in combination with an external energy source from a hot water boiler, chiller system.

Another seamless job manufactured and impeccably delivered by Armcor Air Solutions for the SA Museum Entomology Research Unit.