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Rio Tinto, Peninsula Palms

Location: Dampier, WA
Contractor: BSA (WA) Pty Ltd

Dehumidification for the Rio Tinto workforce.

Rio Tinto is redeveloping its mothballed 568-room Peninsula Palms workforce village in Dampier. The 1970s-era camp was closed in 2015, and about 200 fly-in, fly-out workers moved to Karratha. The company is now upgrading all areas of Peninsula Palms to provide high-quality accommodation for workers.

Dehumidification can be just as important as reducing the temperature. In these high humidity areas, if the requirement includes fresh air introduction, often this puts an immense load on standard aircon equipment and can often give a resultant uncomfortable indoor condition that may be cool but still humid.

Tackling the problem at the source led to the solution of installing multiple dehumidification units that significantly drop the moisture from the incoming fresh air, giving the cooling systems the opportunity for success.

Manufactured as packaged units with inbuilt condensors and controls, the 24 units were shipped across the country on B-double trucks – nothing is a problem when you need the solution.