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Rain Room

Location: St Kilda, VIC
Mechanical Consultant: Wood & Grieve Engineers
Contractor: Specific Refrigeration & Airconditioning

Everyone knows what a Rain Room is. Well do they?
It is described as a responsive environment engaging all the senses!
A 100 square metre field of continuous rainfall, Rain Room invites you to become fully immersed in the rain while simultaneously being protected from it. The millions of water droplets respond to your presence by ceasing to fall wherever you move as you navigate the space.
This is a work of art, an experience that people line up for hours to have the experience.
This is a rare application, but such a room obviously needs conditioned fresh air and it needs to exhaust air.

Armcor equipment was specified for the Rin Room in Melbourne, as it was able to provide a unit, like its standard range of swimming pool packaged equipment with an added mist filter, and the controls necessary for a successful ‘RAIN ROOM”

What is your next inspirational idea needing controlled fresh air?