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Passfield Park School

Location: Minto, NSW
Contractor: Crest Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (NSW)

Passfield Park School caters for students with moderate or severe intellectual disabilities, from Kindergarten to Year 12. The NSW Department of Education is redeveloping Passfield Park School. The students enjoy a rich learning environment, following the K-6 curriculum, and Life Skills across all subjects for Years 7-12, with adjustments made across the school to ensure that all students are engaged in their learning. The NSW Government is investing $7 billion over the next four years, continuing its program to deliver more than 200 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. Commencement from the late 2020 and with a forecast completion at early 2022 the project is underway to redevelop Passfield Park School for Specific Purposes. The project is being fast tracked to meet the requirements of the school and the community.

Armcor Air Solutions were approached by Crest Air Conditioning Pty Ltd (NSW) for our packaged air conditioning and energy recovery unit for the indoor sports facility areas at the Passfield Park School. Armcor were pleased to be associated with this NSW Government project to provide fresh air solutions for the staff, community, and students at the school. The design requirements were fulfilled by providing them with XES1200P3, capacity of 27Kw with polypropylene heat exchange media installed along with the energy-efficient EC Plug Fans.

Along with the XES1200P3, two of the XCM900C1E- Compact Multiflow ERV units were also slotted into production as a requirement for the contractor. These ERV units utilize the Xchange plate heat exchanger to recover the energy from the exhaust air into the incoming fresh air, resulting in significant energy savings. The XCM units were fitted with enthalpy heat exchange media along with the option of EC Plug Fans, which makes this our star achiever in energy savings and controllability.

The project was successfully completed with the delivery of these units at the construction site in time.