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Mitcham City Council

Location: Torrens Park SA
Contractor: Essential Air Pty Ltd

Fresh air is essential for indoor spaces and efficient energy recovery is now deemed ‘the norm’ to reduce operational expenditure wherever indoor comfort and indoor air quality are combined.

The Mitcham City Council in Torrens Park SA recently needed an upgrade to its HVAC system.

Armcor provided the solution with a standard energy recovery ventilation unit to recover the heat from the exhaust air to increase the climate control system’s efficiency. The unit was fitted with our standard Xchange sensible heat exchangers, EC plug fans, speed controllers and inbuilt filters. Both enthalpy and sensible heat exchange media are available in the XEM Series, which is particularly suited to an optional economy bypass system.

XEM Series are readily available to suit applications such as

  • Commercial public activity venues, sporting complexes and gymnasiums
  • Public utility buildings, Police, ambulance stations
  • Nursing homes, Child care, Education
  • Large occupancy buildings and retail showrooms
  • Professional suites

Learn more about our XEM Series here