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Lakelands Swim School

Location: Lakelands, WA
Mechanical Consultant: Link Engineering Consultants
Contractor: Turner Engineering

Armcor manufactured Energy Recovery Pool Pac unit for Lakelands Swim School where the equipment needed extra protection from chlorine and humidity.

Energy recovery is very important in airconditioning systems for indoor pool areas due to the large volume of fresh air requirements to control the indoor humidity and resultant condensation.
Because the indoor air is chlorine laden, special protection is needed to ensure the equipment will last for the expected lifespan.

For the Lakeland Swim Centre, Armcor provided this extra protection with the whole unit being internally epoxy coated, the coils treated with an epoxy coating, the fans having additional protection and additional stainless steel drain trays.

This unit with a capacity of 4000 l/sec and 120 kW of cooling will give many years of service to the client.

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