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Dianella SC Performing Arts Centre

Location: Dianella, WA 6059
Contractor: APA Mechanical Services

Architects have the work underway to design a cutting-edge performing arts centre at Dianella Secondary College.

The brief to guide the architects included the requirement for a contemporary new performing arts centre including a large theatre space, stage, green room, foyer and additional storage space.

This project also includes the conversion and refurbishment of the existing school drama room into a dance studio.

Jobs have been created, with construction expected to start in late 2021 and completed in late 2022.

The contractor approached Armcor Air Solutions, for providing an economical and practical solution for the state-of-the-art performing centre where both, temperature and humidity control is needed. With a nominal capacity of 4800 l/sec, including two BLDC Invertor compressor and cooling capacity of 101 Kw, HTC5000P3 with the remote condenser unit was put into production.

Where standard airconditioning systems cope well with recirculated return air temperatures up to  24ºC, the HTC can be designed to cope with much higher ‘air on’ conditions. The Standard equipment configuration includes EC plug fans, stainless steel drain tray and associated controls.

Armcor is pleased to provide Fresh Air Solutions for the cutting-edge performing arts centre at Dianella Secondary College.