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Chermside Community Hub

Location: Chermside, QLD
Mechanical Consultant: Umow Lai
Contractor: H & H Refrigeration

Chermside is a bustling suburb which values community spirit and interaction. Brisbane City Council Chermside Community Hub is establishing an exciting new hub delivering a public library, local council offices and commercial office space for the local community.

Armcor Air Solutions is providing equipment for the project consisting of two Heat Recovery / Packaged Air-conditioning Units that will provide 100% outside air to Level 1 and Level 2.

Special attention was given in the design stages to the air-conditioning requirements and the end result was a three stage system utilising a digital compressor for stage 1 and fixed speed compressors for stages 2 & 3. Combined with plate heat exchangers and multiple EC plug fans, Armcor is very confident that the equipment with capacities of 4000 l/sec and 3500 l/sec, will perform in excess of the requirements for this prestigious development.