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BHP Finucane Lab

Location: Port Headland, WA
Mechanical Consultant: Jacobs Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Mechanical Project Services

The BHP Port Laboratory Replacement Project is a construction project based in Port Hedland WA.

The Project is to replace the existing Assay Laboratory currently operating at Nelson Point with a new Laboratory Facility located on Finucane Island in the North West of Western Australia. Access to the laboratory building will be through the existing north-south Admin access roads.

The Mechanical specifications required – A reverse cycle, packaged outside air processing unit to provide make-up air to the dust extraction system, outside air for the occupants and to positively pressurise the building, complete with electrical and controls. The system shall be suitable to provide make-up air for all the process related exhaust systems and provide additional air to positively pressurise the building.

The climatic conditions required some serious dehumidification for successful indoor air conditions and the Armcor DHP range was investigated to suit the specific purpose.
A DHP3500 was chosen and built to the specified requirements, transported the 4400km across the continent and successfully installed.