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Australian Institute of Sport

Location: Bruce, ACT
Mechanical Consultant: ESBS
Contractor: Airconditioning & Engineering Services ACES

High Performance Sport Centre demands High Performance Energy Recovery.

The AIS is Australia’s high-performance sports training institution which opened in 1981 in the northern Canberra suburb of Bruce.

Significant mechanical upgrades include works on Building 31/32, the Testing & Training Pool/Recovery Centre. The specifications called for large rotary wheel ERV units to recover the energy and provide the fresh air requirements to the swim pool areas. This state of the art performance centre demanded the best performing ERVs.

Armcor was commissioned to manufacture 3 large units which needed to fit into the existing plantroom space. With two units having a capacity of 9000 l/sec each, we designed these with two 2750 diameter rotary wheels each. Incorporating HW and CW coils, bag filters, service lights and efficient EC fans, the units were transported to Canberra and craned into position with little tolerance, and minimal on-site works.

The Rotary wheels were selected with mylar coated media suitable for pool environments and with removable segments for ease of service & cleaning. These units with a footprint of 6m x 4m are not the everyday occurrence, but when needed, Armcor can produce such bespoke requirements.

The units just fitted into the plantroom with only mm to spare see attached. Thus it is a credit to your manufacturing team that they kept to the dimensions that they had to work with.
Well done TEAM Armcor.

Brian Ackary