ERV-PAC Packaged Air Conditioning

XES Swim Pool Unit

ERV-PAC Packaged Air Conditioning

XES Swim Pool Unit

Unit Details

The XES series provides packaged air conditioning and energy recovery for indoor swimming pool areas. Designed with the specific need to overcome condensation and the corrosive nature of the chlorine laden air, the XES unit includes EC Plug Fans and polypropylene plate heat exchange media. The cabinet and components are lined with a corrosion-resistant coating.

The unit configuration suits external rooftop or plant room applications.

Standard capacities range from 900 l/sec to 8,000 l/ sec and equipment can be specifically designed for larger applications up to 15,000 l/sec.

Options include:

  • Additional Hot and Chilled Water Coils
  • Various Control Options

XES5000 – *Larger customised units available upon request – Contact our Sales Team for more information

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Specifications & Downloads

Model No.Technical SpecificationPDF Drawing
XES900P3 PDF Drawing
XES1200P3 PDF Drawing
XES1500P3 PDF Drawing
XES1700P3 PDF Drawing
XES2000P3 PDF Drawing
XES2500P3 PDF Drawing
XES3000P3 PDF Drawing
XES3500P3 PDF Drawing
XES4000P3 PDF Drawing
XES4500P3 PDF Drawing
XES5000P3 PDF Drawing