OAP Outside Air Package Unit

Unit Details

The OAP series are a packaged air-conditioning unit specifically designed to provide tempered supply air where there is a requirement for 100% Outside Air to be introduced into a built space. The ability to cope with high and low ambient intake conditions is achieved through the careful design of compressor capacity, coil capacity and air flow. Where standard air conditioning systems cope well with recirculated return air temperatures up to 24ºC, the OAP can be designed to cope with ‘air on’ conditions of up to 38ºC.

Standard equipment configuration includes EC plug fans, stainless steel drain tray and associated controls. With nominal capacities of 600 – 6,000 l/sec, and a cooling capacity range of 30kW – 200kW, the OAP are project specific, designed for the appropriate climatic conditions and the required outlet supply temperature.


OAP units are ideally suited to applications where tempered outside air is required such as:

  • Lobby Ventilation
  • Kitchen Make Up Air
  • Lift Shaft Ventilation
  • Health Care facilities
  • Positive Pressure Applications
The data and information contained in Armcor Air Solution technical specification sheets are representative of expected performance. They are derived from aggregated specifications of the individual components used in the equipment and not from verified laboratory testing. This should only be used for evaluating your specific application and clients have the sole responsibility of satisfying themselves that the goods or services are suitable for any specific use

Specifications & Downloads

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