Rotary Wheel ERV - zz REI Indirect Evaporative Cooling Unit

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Indirect evaporative cooling units use a heat exchange core to provide high-efficient cooling. It delivers 100% fresh, cool, outside air, with greatly reduced energy consumption. INDEC units are able to use up to 80% less energy than an equivalent refrigerated air-conditioning system. The cool air produced by an indirect evaporative cooling unit is similar to what is produced by refrigerated air-conditioning systems, with outlet temperatures that approach the ambient dewpoint temperature.

Providing cool and fresh air even in the hottest climates, with radically reduced energy costs, this system has the potential to solve cooling requirements in commercial, industrial, residential and process manufacturing applications.

Where should this evaporative cooling unit be installed?

Like all the ventilation units manufactured and supplied by the team at Armcor Air Solutions, the INDEC indirect evaporative cooling unit is more suited to some environments than others.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling can be used in most Australian conditions and typically the performance of INDEC units excels in hot, dry ambient conditions ideally where the relative humidity is less than 50%.

Standard capacity from 300 l/sec to 8,000 l/sec, to suit applications such as:

  • Commercial venues, sporting complexes & gymnasiums.
  • Public utility buildings, Police, Ambulance & Nursing homes
  • Education Facilities

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