Indirect Evaporative Cooling

INDEC Indirect Evaporative Cooling Unit

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

INDEC Indirect Evaporative Cooling Unit

Unit Details

INDEC Indirect Evaporative Cooling unit provides cool and fresh air in the hottest of climates, with radically reduced energy costs.
The new generation INDEC uses a patented indirect polymer heat transfer core that delivers cool, 100% fresh outside air with very low energy consumption.
Incoming fresh air passes through the primary heat exchanger core which has a series of wet and dry channels allowing natural evaporation to cool the air. Warm moist air is expelled, while cool air, without added moisture, is delivered into the building. Through this evaporation process, the outlet air temperature becomes lower than the wet bulb temperature of the ambient air.
A secondary direct evaporative pad further reduces the outlet air temperature.

Where should Indirect Evaporative Cooling be installed?
Indirect Evaporative Cooling can be used in most Australian conditions. Typically the performance of INDEC unit excels in hot, dry ambient conditions ideally where the relative humidity is less than 50%.

Standard capacities from 300 L/sec to 8000 L/sec, to suit applications such as;

  • Commercial Venues, Sporting Complexes and Gymnasiums
  • Public Utility Buildings, Police, Ambulance and Nursing Homes
  • Education Facilities

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Specifications & Downloads

Model No. Model No. Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC1500P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC2000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC3000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC4000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC6000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC8000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC10000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing
INDEC12000P3 Technical Specification PDF Drawing