Woolworths, Arden Gardens

Once a working class suburb, North Melbourne is now a snappy, stylish strip with pretty terrace houses award-winning cafes and a happening arts scene.

In addition to the new residential complex, Arden Gardens also houses its own on-site retail precinct. With Woolworths as the anchor tenant, a variety of specialty retail stores are conveniently on offer for the residents and the public. When people go shopping, the supermarkets want the customer to have an enjoyable experience that will invite a return. The new mixed use development at North Melbourne is no exception and the design specified an Armcor air handling unit that would be built to the Woolworths specification.
The unit serves the main trading area with 14,500 l/sec supply air and 4,200 l/sec fresh air. It incorporates economy cycle dampers, direct expansion cooling coils, a heating coil, deep bed air filters and EC plug fans.

Armcor has worked along with the engineering design team for multiple Woolworths stores and is glad to contribute to another successful shopping complex development.