Whyalla Leisure Centre

Location:Whyalla, SA
Mechanical Consultant:Secon
Equipment:3 x Heat recovery Units with Indiect Evaporative Cooling and HW Coils

The air-conditioning upgrade to the Whyalla Leisure centre involved the treatment of fresh air to supply the main pool and leisure pool areas. Armcor worked with the consultant to provide a solution for the manufacture of three Heat Recovery units of 5,000 l/sec each with indirect evaporative cooling, integrated filters, and hot water coils. To protect the equipment from the corrosive atmosphere, galvanised fan mounting frames were used along with polypropylene heat exchangers and epoxy coating of all internal surfaces.  Automatic sump dump valves and day/night controllers were used to add additional flexibility.  With the addition of onsite commissioning, Armcor was able to provide the complete solution for a successful installation.