Whitlam Leisure Centre

Mechanical Consultant:Barry C Smith & Associates
Contractor:Integral Electrical Engineering
Equipment:3 x Packaged Airconditioning Units with Heat Recovery capable of 100% fresh air intake.

An upgrade to the Whitlam recreational centre provides a modern sporting facility for the residents of Liverpool NSW.

The Australian Government contributed over $1.9 million to the project  with the works including replacement roofing, new grandstand seating and replacement of the gymnasium floor.  This project was an excellent example of Federal and Local Governments working together to get the best result for local communities.  The design included the supply of three  8000 l/sec, 93 kw Packaged AC units to supply conditioned air to the indoor area.  Each unit contained four compressors to provide four staged control.  With the Xchange plate heat exchangers, optimum efficiency was achieved fulfilling the requirement of full fresh air.