Wagga Wagga Civic Centre

Location:Wagga Wagga, NSW
Mechanical Consultant:GeoExchange Australia
Contractor:Care Mechanical Services
Equipment:ERV External Mount Units, Models: XEM1500, XEM2000, XEM2500, ERV Ceiling Mount Unit, Model: XCM400

Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Upgrade

The Wagga Wagga Civic Centre was due for replacement and upgrade of 6 existing WWCC Air handling units.

The new design called for an upgrade to re-install six new ERV’s including ductwork, panel filters, grilles, dampers and controls the enable a complete working system

The consultant specified Armcor equipment and six eternal units and 2 small internal units were manufactured to match the requirements.

Being a standard product range, Armcor was able to turn around the production schedule to meet the necessary timeframe to ensure the contractor was able to meet the redevelopment schedule.