University of New England

Location:Armidale, NSW
Mechanical Consultant:Steensen Varming
Contractor:Faircloth & Reynolds
Equipment:6 x Rotary Heat Wheel ERV, 1 x Air Handling Unit

The University of New England’s  Integrated Agricultural Education Project (IAEP), is building on UNE’s world class reputation of innovative and responsive education in agriculture and animal sciences.  To continue to provide skilled graduates into agribusiness and deliver education and research that supports vital regional industries and communities, UNE has invested in cutting edge facilities across new multi-purpose buildings which will also be accessed by industry and community stakeholders.

Armcor became involved with the Mechanical Services contractor to provide equipment that had specific capabilities and yet had to fit into a plant room area with space restrictions, delivering six rotary heat wheel ERV units ranged in capacity from 600 – 4000 l/sec and one AHU with 1500 l/sec capacity.