University of Melbourne, School of Engineering

Location:Melbourne, VIC
Mechanical Consultant:Wood & Grieve Engineers
Contractor:P & R Airconditioning
Equipment:External Mount ERV, Model XEM3000P3

Can you imagine the Melbourne University School of Engineering settling for less than well engineered equipment?

For over 150 years the Melbourne School of Engineering has done amazing things that have benefited society and the economy.
They are creating the entrepreneurial leaders and amazing technology of the future — the people and things that will drive innovation and productivity to make a sustainable impact on the world in which we live.
With their world class research capabilities and deep engagement with industry, they recently designed a future test workspace and Armcor was pleased to provide the energy recovery equipment for this project. With a capacity of 2700 l/sec and including hot and chilled water coils, this unit provides the necessary conditioned fresh air requirements to the building space.

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