Supreme Court of NT

Location:Darwin, NT
Mechanical Consultant:NDY
Contractor:Coldzap Refrigeration
Equipment:2 External Mount ERV 3, Internal Ceiling Mount ERV

The Northern Territory Government has constructed a new Supreme Court Building in Alice Springs consisting of two courtrooms for jury trials, Judges Chambers and conference facilities, designed to meet the needs of the Central Australian community for years to come.

Armcor Air Solutions manufactured 5 Heat Recovery units for this project to adequately pre-treat the fresh air requirements.  Fitted with our standard Xchange sensible heat exchangers, EC plug fans, speed controllers and inbuilt filters, this Armcor solution is perfectly adequate for the requirements of the harsh central Australian conditions.

Delivery to Alice Springs was organised and effected effortlessly by Armcor to provide the contractor, Coldzap, with DIFOT (delivery in full on time).