Smithfield Cinema Complex

Location:Cairns QLD
Mechanical Consultant:AE Smith Pty Ltd
Contractor:Distributor, Northern Airconditioning
Equipment:Rotary Heat Wheel RHW15000

Going to the movies and dining out in the Cairns region is set to change with the arrival of a new $29 million cinema and outdoor dining precinct at Smithfield Shopping Centre.
The development will deliver a new entertainment experience for the community providing access to a six screen Event Cinema complex including Vmax and the latest DOLBY ATMOS audio technology along with an array of casual dining options in an alfresco, outdoor setting.
Creative and economically minded engineering resulted in the selection of a Rotary Heat Wheel unit, having a capacity of 15,000 L/sec and built in 3 sections. When fully assembled the unit measures 3.9m high x 4.1m wide x 6.8m long and includes chilled water coils and run-around coils for dehumidification.
Combined with 3 other plate heat exchange units, all with chilled water coils, the total design was built to provide quality airconditioning to the complex.
Armcor Air Solutions loves the variety and is pleased to support our North Queensland distributor and local contractors.
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