Shoalhaven Hospital Endoscopy

Location:Nowra South, NSW
Contractor:Climax Air
Equipment:External Mount Package Heat Recovery unit with dual cooling system

The design of the air-conditioning for the endoscopy unit at Shoalhaven Memorial Hospital required some careful considerations including very specific requirements to serve 3 separate rooms.  The considerations included the individual control of the cooling– achieved through modulating reheat; the heating- achieved through additional electric duct heaters: humidity control – achieved through steam humidification: ventilation – achieved through modulating fresh air dampers: economy by-pass – achieved by equipment design and dampers; and fire mode – achieved through the controls.   All this was possible with the selection of an Armcor external mounted XC1500 PAC unit fitted with two stage cooling, (one digital and one standard compressor), fresh air bag filters and economy cycle dampers.  Combined with sensible heat recovery media, this package was their solution.