Seaton Christian Family Church

Location:LOCATION: Seaton SA
Mechanical Consultant:WSP
Contractor:CONTRACTOR: Prompt Air
Equipment:ERV Packaged AC units, Model XEP4000PAC,

In the initial design stages, 3 options were considered including splits systems, a Chilled Water System, or a 100% outside air packaged ducted system.

Given the fresh air requirement for a large gatherings of persons, the energy savings associated with a combined heat recovery system and packaged airconditioning became the obvious answer.

Armcor worked with Prompt Airconditioning to manufacture two units for the auditorium with a total of 8000 l/sec and 280Kw capacity to cater for possible congregation of 1050 persons.  Incorporating special air plenums, the total package provided what was needed for another successful installation.