Reef Casino

Mechanical Consultant:GHD Group
Contractor:Northern Airconditioning

The Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns is undergoing a classy and hi-tech look in the casino and hotel lobbies, new cafe-bistro, cocktail bar and lounge and guest services reception areas.
The upgrades include an Australian-first “hero” centrepiece in the casino lobby consisting of a four-sided LED pillar with multiple moving images coupled to an interactive LED floor reacting to footsteps.

The refurbishment included the requirement for preconditioning the fresh air to provide for 100% outdoor air to pressurise the plant room introducing air at the design conditions of 22DB and 55% RH

A dehumidification unit supplying 1100 l/sec with 2 stage compressors and a total cooling capacity of 50 kW was selected. With physical dimension constraints, Armcor was able to design the solution incorporating a lower profile whilst still including panel filters within the cabinet