RAAF Base Wagga

Location:Wagga Wagga, NSW
Contractor:Martin & Wheeler
Equipment:2 x Air Handling Units

Armcor Air Solutions has been the preferred supplier to a number of RAAF projects throughout Australia, including the recent refurbishment of the Base Command and Court Room at the WAGGA RAAF Base.

Two Heat Recovery air handling units with chilled water and hot water coils, deep bed filters and fresh air economy systems were designed to fit an existing plant room location with a capacity of 2500 l/sec with 60.1 kW cooling / 46.3 kW heating, and 2000 l/sec with 36.4 kW cooling / 27.5 kW heating.

Because of the existing structure and the limited access, the equipment was manufactured in ‘knock-down’ format so that it could be assembled ‘on-site’.

A great job was done by the manufacturing team who put extra thought into the design so that it could be fully assembled, dismantled, freighted and reassembled exactly as designed.