Porsche Centre Parramatta

Location:Parramatta, NSW
Mechanical Consultant:Cardno
Contractor:Advance Aircon Design
Equipment:1 x Xchange ERV Heat Recovery with Ecomony Cycle

Air-conditioning is always an important feature of any prestigious showroom so that customer expectation are met as soon as they enter. The Porsche Centre Parramatta project is no exception and a comprehensive system included using heat recovery to efficiently introduce the required amount of fresh air into the building space.  The design requirement specified an enthalpy air to air plate heat exchanger with an economy cycle including three modes of operation, Heat Recovery, Economy Cycle, and Recirculating air.

Armcor was able to provide a solution to match the requirements and the project budget and manufacture and deliver the equipment in the required timeframe.

We are pleased to be part of another prestigious project and provide equipment that satisfies the needs for comfort and economy.