Plaza Premium Lounge, Melbourne Airport

Location:Melbourne, VIC
Contractor:Infinite Group
Equipment:Air Handling Unit, Model AHU1200P3

Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand and the industry leader in Premium Airport Services. Their goal is to make your airport experience seamless and effortless, and change the perception of travel at the airport.
Open to all travellers regardless of airline or travel class, the service-oriented Plaza Premium Lounge concept has changed the perception that airport lounges should be reserved for premium travellers only.
When the latest lounge was designed for Melbourne Airport the need for good airconditioning and top indoor air quality was realised. The contractor wanted a slimline air handling unit that incorporated bag filters, carbon filters, electric heating elements, a DX coil and energy efficient fans. This is not what you can order off the shelf so Infinite Group came to Armcor for the solution.
Combined with a Temperzone outdoor condensor, the system will provide the comfort expected in a new airport lounge.
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