Natures Dairy

Mechanical Consultant:BECA
Contractor:JO Miller
Equipment:2, x XC 7000 AHU, 1 x 15,000 AHU

Natures Dairy is part of the Australian Dairy Industry which is one of the world’s most efficient producers of quality milk products. Founded in 2008, Australian Nature Dairy began as a small operation in the domestic market but due to the strong demand by the international market, Nature Dairy made the tactical decision to expand operations to other countries. The new factory required three air handling Units. The Filling Room unit has a capacity of 7,300 l/sec, the Alsafe/Tank room unit has a capacity of 7,000 l/sec and the Process room unit has a capacity of 14,000 l/sec.  All units are fitted with both suction and discharge filters, heating coils, and split cooling coils with provision for future UV sterilization lamps. Armcor was able to supply this solution to assist with the stringent requirements for a world class milk processing plant that supplies international markets.