Melbourne Grammar School

Location:Melbourne, VIC
Contractor:Croft Contracting
Equipment:Rotary Heat Wheel ERV, Model: REM3000P3

When Melbourne Grammar designed the Science Innovation and Technology Centre, they demanded the best.
Melbourne Grammar School aims to spark the ingenuity of Australia’s next generation of scientists, designers and innovators by providing a place where ideas can be nurtured. The Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub will benefit thousands of students, preparing them to flourish in our changing world.
The project called for Heat Recovery and the selection included 2 Rotary Heat Wheel ERVs supplying 2850 l/sec and 3800 l/sec of fresh air with Chilled water and Hot water coils return air bypass and bag filters,
The Armcor range of rotary wheel ERV was easily adapted to provide all that was needed.
Rotary Wheel ERV boasts the highest efficiency in heat exchange processes and the ability to have this built in a packaged unitary configuration is a major plus for consultants who demand only the best.
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