Melbourne Airport T4

Location:Melbourne, VIC
Mechanical Consultant:ARUP Pty Ltd
Contractor:AE Smith
Equipment:17 x Air Handling Units, 39 x Ceiling Mounted ERV, Integrated control systems

The Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 (T4) project was a flagship construction project for Victoria with a total expenditure in excess of $500m.

Armcor was chosen to be a strategic supplier for the mechanical services works and worked with the consultant and contractor to provide a solution turning a preliminary design with many specialised parameters, into a reality that could be delivered on site to suit the specific construction program.

The design specified the provision of Heat Recovery integrated into the 17 major Air Handling Units (AHU) along with an additional 39 Ceiling Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilation units (ERV) to provide an efficient supply of fresh air to the very large open spaces.