Loreto Mandeville Hall

Location:Toorak, VIC
Contractor:Paramount Airconditioning
Equipment:Packaged Air-conditioning ERV, Model XEP2500P3

Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak is an independent Catholic school that nurtures the faith and education of girls from Preparatory to Year 12. For over 400 years, Loreto Schools have been educating young women all over the world. Loreto Toorak continues this tradition providing girls with the challenges they need to excel in life

The school embraces the Loreto values of freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity and as a high performing school boasts current results from the Class of 2017 achieving 12 perfect study scores across nine subjects and 7% of students attaining an ATAR above 99.00
When a high performing school needs a high performing air-conditioning equipment, Armcor was the choice.

To provide the Auditorium with quality conditioned air for the performances and large gatherings of students, two Armcor packaged ERV units were selected giving a total of 5000 l/sec of air with 112 kW of cooling capacity. Complete with economy cycle and EC Plug fans, these are the most efficient units available to supply fresh air and recover energy from the exhaust air.