InvoCare Dandenong

Location:InvoCare Dandenong
Contractor:Stredder Group
Equipment:Packaged Airconditioning, Model XEP2500P3

There is no need to guess why a new funeral centre needs a good fresh air system.
With InvoCare making an inroad into the funeral business, they have embarked on a rebuild of the Le Pine Funerals Chapel at Princes Highway in Dandenong.
The new design put a significant importance on the quality of the indoor air and the selection of a combined packaged airconditioning unit that incorporates energy recovery provides a single answer to the need for significant fresh air, conditioned to occupant comfort levels and efficient operational costs.
Armcor Air Solutions were able to supply a XEP2500P3 unit to fulfil the heating and cooling needs and recover significant kW of energy through the ERV process.