Hoyts Norwood

Location:Norwood, SA
Mechanical Consultant:BCA Engineers
Contractor:National Airconditioning
Equipment:ERV Energy Recovery - Model , XEM500P3, XEM900P3, XEM1200P3

When people gather together to relax and be entertained, the indoor air quality must be excellent.

Two new cinemas are being at Hoyts Norwood under a $2 million expansion plan. The cinemas would be in a second storey in the complex – built some years ago but, until now, unused – and accessible via escalator, stairs and a lift. The expansion will bring the total number of screens to nine. Work would also include installing powered recliners to all nine cinemas by early 2019.

Three externally located energy recovery units will ensure the correct amount of fresh air will be introduced whilst economically recovering the latent energy from the exhausted air.
This is a must for energy conscious building operators.
In this situation multiple small units were used due to the facility layout. Armcor has the range from 500l/sec up to 8000l/sec to suit any application.