Horizon Power

Location:Karratha, WA
Contractor:Turner Engineering
Equipment:Dehumidification Unit, Model DHP1200P3

The Horizon Power specification required equipment to condition outside fresh air at the summer design conditions of air entering at 38.9db/27.6wb and an outlet temperature of 24db/17wb
The answer is not possible through standard airconditioning so the obvious choice was to consider the Armcor Air Solution Dehumidification range.
Dehumidification equipment uses a combination of a plate heat exchanger and a packaged air conditioning system with a 3 stage process so that the air can be conditioned to reach the resultant specifications.
Beginning with filtration, the outdoor fresh air is drawn through the pre filters and bag filters.
The first stage of conditioning involves the filtered air passing through a sensible heat exchanger where the air is cooled, lowering both dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures.
In the second stage the air passes through a refrigeration cooling coil to further achieve cooling and dehumidification. This refrigeration system is specially designed to achieve capacities that are far in excess of standard airconditioning systems. An indicative achievable capacity is 55kW of cooling with only 1250 l/sec of airflow.
The air then passes back through the opposite air flow path of the sensible heat exchange media to be reheated to the required supply air set point temperature.
The standard equipment configuration includes EC plug fans, sensible heat exchange media, stainless steel drain trays and associated controls