IKEA Marsden Park

Location:Marsden Park, NSW
Mechanical Consultant:Erbas Consulting
Contractor:Triple M Mechanical
Equipment:11 x Xchange ERV Heat Recovery with Indirect Evaporative Cooling, 1 x Ceiling Mounted Heat Recovery Unit

The mechanical consultant took a very proactive approach to the design of the IKEA Marsden Park store and incorporated air-to air heat exchangers with the addition of indirect evaporative cooling to facilitate the cooling of the showroom, sales and market hall areas.  These heat exchange units precooled/preheated the outside air component and were connected to a PAC unit. A CO2 sensor modulated the VSD of the heat exchanger.  Armcor was pleased to be associated with this project, manufacturing the ERV equipment as specified and delivering to site on time for a co-ordinated installation.