Ellen Barron Family Centre

Location:Chermside, QLD
Mechanical Consultant:BURO
Contractor:Aston Airconditioning
Equipment:Rotary Heat Wheel ERV, REM 1200/1700/2000

The Ellen Barron Family Centre (EBFC) provides is a multi-disciplinary, specialist child health service for families living in Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory who require support with building practical skills and confidence in parenting.

Services often involve living in and therefore good conditioned facilities are important for parents and patients alike.
In a recent mechanical works upgrade project, the HVAC equipment was replaced with four Armcor rotary heat wheel ERV units.
Each unit included the ultra-efficient, variable speed rotary ERV wheel, EC Plug fans, electric heating elements, chilled water coils, G4/F8 filters, an economy cycle, and return air bypass dampers.

Armcor was pleased to provide the contractor with a solution to minimise installation time by providing a packaged unit. We continue to believe in the future of rotary heat wheels as the most efficient way to effectively provide energy recovery in an age where every energy dollar counts.