Echuca Police Station

Location:Echuca, VIC
Mechanical Consultant:BRT Consulting
Contractor:Trevena & Sons
Equipment:2 x Rotary Heat Wheel ERV Units

Echuca in regional VIC has built a new 24-hour Police Station to replace the outdated and outgrown station built in 1969. The new facility  will be a functional, modern and flexible space with purpose-built offices and areas, able to accommodate up to 95 staff, appropriate customer service areas,  disabled access, and on-site parking facilities.

Armcor involvement includes the manufacture of equipment to the specified design requirements, including two Rotary Heat Wheel units with EC Plug fans, bag filters, and economy cycle which is operated by modulating the speed of the Heat Wheel to fulfil the specified supply temperature.

Another small yet successful project completed enabling energy recovery for an institutional project.