Location:Somerton, VIC
Mechanical Consultant:Austrak Management Consulting
Contractor:Industrial Cooling Services
Equipment:Air Handling Units, Model AHU12000P3

When time is of all essence there is always a way through.
Industrial Cooling Services wanted 2 large Air Handling units for an urgent installation at a new facility in the Austrack estate in Somerton and there was hardly the time to design and build, let alone wait for imported coils to be shipped from overseas.
The options were to air freight all the components in or source them locally.
With careful design and resourcing, Armcor was able to supply the Air Handling Units with 12,000 l/sec capacity which included Hot Water and Chilled Water Coils and Deep Bed Filters in the given timeframe for a successful installation.
Critical downtime and production hours can cost corporations big dollars.
This is the benefit of having a successful partnership with a local manufacturing facility.
Made in Australia still does have some real advantages.
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