Albury Regional Cancer Centre

Location:Albury, NSW
Mechanical Consultant:WSP
Contractor:OP Industries
Equipment:6 x Xchange Ceiling Mount Fan Coils

This stunning new 14,000m2 facility –linked to the Albury Hospital will provide the best in cancer care to the regional community. Not constructed with the traditional aspect of a hospital, it will be functional and inviting with individual inpatient rooms and courtyards open to the light.  The 30-bed inpatient ward on the second floor features rooms built around two v-shaped spaces and a day-oncology unit with 30 chemotherapy chairs giving patients an outside view on the first floor.  Armcor Air Solution equipment was specified by the mechanical consultant and we were able to provide exactly what was required for such a project with six ceiling mounted fan coil units each with chilled and hot water coils, coil bypass dampers and  dual filters.