Merici College

Location:Canberra, ACT
Mechanical Consultant:Northrop Consulting
Contractor:Airmaster Australia
Equipment:Packaged Airconditioning, XEP2500P3 x 2

Merici College is a school with adjoining single and double storey buildings.
The science building was heated by floor mounted gas heaters with some old redundant electric wall heaters and hydronic wall heaters. There were ceiling mounted fans to provide air movement. The theatre used to be conditioned by a hydronic heating system where heat from a boiler was used to heat the air via a heating hot water coil. The heated air was blown into the main hall by a supply fan in the basement through ducts underneath the ground floor up into risers through ceiling diffusers. This system was well installed, worked well but finally………was no longer operational.

This project involves replacing the existing HVAC system for the Theatre and Science blocks.
The Theatre upgrade includes:
•One new roof top packaged unit serving the new proposed classroom, ticket booth and foyer.
•One split air conditioning system serving the stage.
•Two packaged air to air heat exchanger air conditioners which connect to existing duct work and diffusers serving the main auditorium

This is where Armcor come into the partnership to supply 2 air to air heat exchange air conditioners. Working carefully through the design requirements we proposed two units of 2500l/sec fan capacity each with a capacity of 56 kw in a two stage configuration.
Delivered to Fyshwick ACT just before the Christmas shutdown to satify the contractors timeline.

CLICK HERE to view equipment installed on this project.