World Ventil8 Day – 8th November

World Ventil8 Day is all about raising awareness about the importance of ventilation as a pivotal part of enabling health and wellbeing of people. It also seeks to recognise and celebrate the ventilation and indoor air quality community.


The inaugural theme for 2022 World Ventilation Day is about Celebrating Ventilation #CelebrateVentil8.

The role of Ventilation is of utmost importance whether in their buildings whether it be a home, a school, a workplace or a social space for a healthy living. A good ventilation can reduce exposure to air pollutants and infectious diseases, help us to perform better and be more productive, enable us to sleep better, and reduce mould and damp in buildings.


Good ventilation is part of creating a sustainable and low carbon environment, by using technology well to balance air quality, energy use and comfort.


Other important facts of ventilation which are rather less popular are:

  • Ventilation helps you have a quality sleep
  • Ventilation reduces sickness absence from work/ school
  • Ventilation reduces exposure to pollutants
  • Ventilation can reduce respiratory infection
  • Buildings with better ventilation have less issues with damp and mould, which improves human health and reduces damage to building materials.
  • Ventilation helps you perform better
  • Ventilation improves sick building syndrome