Why HVAC is so important to Data Centers?

Data centers are prevalent in a wide range of industries, universities, and government facilities. It’s well known that data centers consume significant amounts of energy. Data centers today comprise 3% of global power consumption, but that is expected to jump to 8% by 2030 at the current rate of digital transformation. It makes sense then that organizations have already begun to start looking at their data centers’ energy footprint to find ways of improving efficiency.

One of the greatest sources of wasted energy in data centers comes from inefficient HVAC systems.

Data centers are haemorrhaging large portions of their supplied energy to inefficiency. Lack of knowledge about the efficiency of the cooling system’s behavior and efficiency has typically resulted in overcooling, primarily to prevent equipment failure, which leads to wasted energy and poor power usage effectiveness. Actively monitoring the HVAC’s cooling systems, especially their energy use, is critical to stop wasting energy on unnecessary cooling.

Computers and servers are very sensitive to dirt, dust, and other small particles. HVAC systems also help filter the air to protect the computers. As a result, particles don’t build up inside the equipment and cause malfunctions.

Like all critical environments, they require high-performance environmental monitoring and measurements to ensure they can operate consistently and within specifications.

Humidity in and computers don’t work well together. Too little humidity and electrostatic discharge become a problem. These conditions can damage internal server components. On the other hand, too much humidity could lead to condensation and, consequently, corrosion. That’s why a well-maintained HVAC system is essential to control the humidity in data centers.

The HVAC systems make sure that the computers that keep the internet running are kept running without overheating. Data centers have hundreds, even thousands, of machines running at once, which generates a lot of heat. HVAC systems keep the air temperature at the required constant temperatures to keep a data center’s computers running optimally.

HVAC systems are an integral part of data centers. Certain HVAC design strategies can be far more efficient than conventional data center cooling strategies.

Given how important HVAC systems are to data centers, it’s important to work with the IT equipment provider and design and operate the HVAC system to the specific requirements of the data storage devices to optimise energy savings.

HVAC companies are uniquely positioned to lead the way towards more energy savings in these facilities. Read More about HVAC’s here.