Update from Armcor

We take the opportunity to communicate again with our trusted customers regarding the current COVID-19 situation.

Our office and factory are within the Melbourne metro area and currently under Stage 3 restrictions, but we are pleased to advise that there is no significant impact on our production capabilities.

Ever since the initial outbreak, we have focused on managing the risks to ensure:
– the safety of our staff
– the continuity of business operations and systems
– uninterrupted component supply
– maintaining scheduled deliveries

Even with the best of planning, we still acknowledge the reality of having a staff member contract the virus, or additional Government restriction being imposed. Either of these two scenarios could cause immediate and unmanageable interruptions to the despatch of equipment.

Armcor remains committed to be calm, factual, and up to date with information from official government and health authorities and provide timely advice as soon as possible regarding any interruption that could impact you.

We would suggest that you take the following into account regarding current and future projects:
– Place orders as early as possible
– Key components sourced internationally are in short supply and take longer to procure
– Review project lead times and advise your head contractor that delays due to COVID-19 government and/or health restrictions are outside your and our control and may impact projected timelines

Armcor is moving ahead with confidence including the recruitment of additional staff as the demand for ‘Australian Made’ equipment accelerates and our commitment to provide quality customer service continues.

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any developments as they become available. In the interim, we will do everything in our control to continue to provide you with the best equipment and service the market can offer.

Do not hesitate to call any of our dedicated team if you require further clarification.