Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions is a process whereby an organization can help its customers achieve energy savings and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions.
In this white paper, we will confine the scope to heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration processes which consume a larger proportion of electricity costs and the resultant CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency is a vital component to achieving our emission reduction targets. Due to the growing number of rules and regulations in the climate change debate, there is an absolute need for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint and become more energy-efficient overall. With heating and cooling traditionally accounting for 50-70% of the plant’s entire energy consumption it is ideal to make this sector the major starting point in SES.
There are many opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in the process of sustainable energy efficiency programs including building owners, government and building regulators, suppliers of heating and cooling equipment and installing contractors all of which have an important role to play to achieve a common goal of a bright future for many decades to come.

New technology is continually developing in more efficient equipment, the use of 100% fresh air in buildings through heat recovery.
Indirect Evaporative Cooling is making huge inroads into public buildings especially where large groups gather for sports, eating and drinking, auditoriums, and many diverse industries.

These units now produce cool air nearly equivalent to refrigerated air-conditioning in many climate conditions with a decrease in energy savings of up to 80%. These units operate without any harmful ozone gases just using water as the medium for cooling.
Armcor Air Solutions have perfected the design and technology for indirect cooling and these units are available now to solve many requirements of the building owners for reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.