Power Price Surge to affect Company Profits

According to an article published by ‘The Australian’ today soaring electricity and gas prices are expected to clip 5-14% from pre-tax profits of companies ranging from Woolworths to Wesfarmers and Inghams to NextDC.
They quote Craig Woolford saying, “For most Australian-based companies, we expect the impact will likely be felt over 2017-18 and 2018-19, as most companies will have two or three-year contracts.”

There is not much we can do regarding the price we will have to pay, so the obvious choice is look at how much energy we can save.
Energy efficient and energy recovery HVAC equipment retrofits will have a quick pay back in more and more situations.

Armcor Air Solutions are willing to partner with corporate entities to look at opportunities that will include energy recovery equipment on proposed and existing infrastructure.

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