Australian Manufacturing is the Key to Recovery

We love ‘Australian Made’ manufacturing at Armcor Air Solutions.

The lure of getting equipment produced offshore has been ever present over the past 10 years, but we have resisted the urge and possible financial advantage in favour of putting bread on the table for our local tradespersons.

In a recent Report by Oasis Partners Niche manufacturing in Australia is alive and well. Australian businesses are producing great products that are in demand both in Australia and in many other markets around the world. Manufacturing is still currently the 7th largest employer in Australia with 873,000 jobs, 85.5% of which are full time jobs compared to the average of 69% across all sectors. There are currently 11,000 vacancies!

The government’s recent announcements including the $1.5b strategy announced on 1st October is a great start and will hopefully help address skill shortages and boost further employment – one full time job in manufacturing often creates 3-4 jobs elsewhere in the economy.

The decision makers of many construction projects are now thinking twice – commit to an Australian Made supply chain or an imported equivalent. This decision could be the gamechanger for Australia – our economy and our future generations.