Innovative Corridor Ventilation Solutions

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Mechanical Consultant: Wood & Grieve
Contractor: D & E Airconditioning Pty Ltd

The solution for lobby and corridor ventilation has been a long debate. Often used as the entry point for the building fresh air requirement, the lobby /corridor air still requires some conditioning. Standard unitary equipment is often not able to handle the full-fresh requirement or creates an energy load that is uneconomical for non-occupied space.

The option to use indirect evaporative cooling is now a reality with commercially available INDEC range of equipment from Armcor, but this still leave the question of how to heat in low ambient conditions.

Melbourne Grand, a 58-storey apartment tower, has taken the innovative approach to use indirect evaporative cooling (INDEC) as the primary cooling solution and a secondary DX cooling for high humidity days. Combined with high efficiency condensing gas fired boilers with hot water coils, this is all built into one packaged unit.

This unique approach engineered by Wood & Grieve in association with the manufacturer Armcor Air Solutions provides the full fresh air requirement in a packaged unit for the corridor ventilation.

At the heart of the units, the INDEC cooling will meet the specification to precool the 100% filtered fresh air from 35oDB/21oWB down to 24oDB/17.5oWB.

The INDEC Indirect Evaporative Cooling range, provides the market with increased options for precooling fresh air. Unlike the traditional evaporative systems INDEC can produce significant cooling without increasing the moisture content of the air.

Available in unit sizes from 1000l/sec to 12,000 l/sec, INDEC is ideal for fresh air stand-alone solutions or for precooling fresh air to reduce the load and operating costs of refrigerated systems.

INDEC complements the Armcor range of fresh air energy recovery equipment that is well established in the Australian HVAC industry.